Wednesday, January 16, 2013

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Trip to CA

Rod had about 5 hours of work to do in La Jolla and I only had Thanksgiving weekend that I could get away.   So we invited the kids all over on Sunday before Thanksgiving, served them smoked turkey and ribs and informed them that we were leaving for Thanksgiving.   We spent a night at The Flamingo in Vegas, had Thanksgiving pancakes with Bekah and Curtis at Dupar's on Fremont Street (becoming one of our favorite eateries in Vegas) and then onto Del Mar and LaJolla

We are quite the deal shoppers so basically ALMOST everything we did was from hotels tonight,, hotwire or groupon. 

Flamingos at The Flamingo (

a really cool power project with mirrors by the California/ Nevada border bu Primm

Rod eating  (post) Thanksgiving Lobster & Crab at The Crab Catcher in LaJolla (Groupon coupon at 50%)

The string of card heading from Vegas to California on Sunday night.  It was like in the movie Field of Dreams.  Its crazy that this freeway is only two lanes.

FINALLY!!  Lucilles Smoke House ribs chicken & brisket with a side of cheesy grits and collard greens.  The best smoked meat this side of Rod's Tragger

 We found a great room on Hotwire in Vegas on Saturday night at The Aria.  It is a 5* and is franly AMAZING!!!
great lobby decor idea for the holidays

and finally our room.  It was the best bed I have ever slept in.  I couldnt get out of it for basically two days. 

Everything in this room was automated

Chocolate dipped strawberries & macaroons -- a gift from the hotel on check in

Everywhere you turn at The Aria there is beautiful textures, lines and designs.This is the outside fountain wall

Finally we left our room and ate at Mon Ami Gani at The Paris right across the street from The Bellagio fountains.  Great food for prices I would pay in SLC-  not the regular Vegas prices. 

The Aria

this is actually an art work depiction of the Colorado Rover. 

check out this cool floor. 

its now my phone screen saver
there is a Chihuly gallery.  I love his work

It was a nice trip.  A lot of driving.  Good food, black friday shopping and a little bit of work  Fun to get away and nice to spend some time with my husband

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Coombs family cousins

Everyone Says it. "Why do we always wait until someone dies to see each other?"  It has been far too long for me seeing these wonderful Uncles & Aunts & cousins of mine. I pattern our family dinners from the ones that we used to have at Uncle David or Uncle Bill's houses. I sure do love them!!

 Uncle Bills family that came to Idaho for the grave service

 My mom and Uncle David  and Aunt Larue

Aunt Kitty's sister (she looks just like Aunt Kitty) ((BTW-- I loved having an aunt named after a kitty ))
Linda and I - my closest cousin in age

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Herriman Football

 Jameson played football this year.  He was the kicker.    Here he is placing the football for the kick.

After a great season and making it to the play offs, their team was featured on many national news stories because of their little ferocious team mate Sam Gordon.  Check her out here:

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

who is tha creepy creep starring at me?

and here is Nelly skelly-ton ballerina

and our great pumpkin carving successes!